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The owwm

Work:IT Manager in the Insurance Industry
Fun: A little light fishing with the boys.

Because I Can: Buying, bartering, begging, selling, rebuilding, stacking, hoarding old machines and tools.

The Shop:

Located In Somerset, New Jersey

5 Responses to “The owwm”

  1. Richard Snyder says:

    Hi, Your collection of iron is very impressive!
    I too, love the old iron.
    Just picked up a Tannewitz, Type E-2, 14” Tilting table saw/ 8” jointer combo machine. Was not even aware they made one, they also offered a mortising and boring attachment. Your site is quite enjoyable.
    Take care,
    Richard Snyder
    South Bend, IN

  2. Brian Clancy says:

    Hi Arthur,
    i see that you have listed on owwm.com an oliver 299V planer. can you tell me any more info about the planer and its working condition.
    phone (860) 355-3655

  3. Mark Paxton says:

    Very nice story on the foundry acquisitions. I was posting a Wadkin jointer picture on owwm.com and saw that you appear to own the majority of Wadkin pictures and equipment on the site. Beautiful shop. I can’t say I have ever consciously coveted anything, Seeing that building sorely tested me. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.


    Mark Paxton
    Columbus, Ohio

  4. stuart paley says:

    we have a model 77 and a177 the 177 needs some motor repairs and also a tennewitz model O
    the 77 will only take a 14” blade can i grind the casting to fit a 16’ blade
    and help with the motor,
    a ground wire is burned off but i think the winding is fine.
    thank you
    203 376 0036

  5. Dev Emch says:

    Hi Arthur… I found this site by accident and noted your shop/barn. Holly Cow! It looks like my house but yours is in much better shape! Any way you can send me some photos of your shop? Esp. the roof eve line moulding details. My white mouldings are all but gone due to 50 years of rot!

    Kindest Regards
    Dev Emch

    Nice to hear from you. I have the drawings for the eave detail. Will those help?

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