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Barry: I think we should buy all those Peerless sanders

ok. Which one do you want?

Barry: I’ll buy the cheap ones, you take the rest

Industrial Recovery Services recently hosted the liquidation auction of Eureka Manufacturing Company in Norton Ma. Eureka was a producer of wooden boxes, cases, chests, etc for silverware & jewelry. There were alot of really nice old machines in this sale, including a number of Peerless horizontal & vertical sanders.

There were three of these sanders in the sale. Barry and I talked just before the auction. We always say that it’s to make sure we’re not bidding one against the other… But truth be told, we’re really just playing the role of enabler.

So, the first sander comes up for bid… both of us hesitate and decide that it’ll be better to let it go. The rationale is that maybe this one bidder will be out of the game, and we can get a feel for the top price. It sells for $425.

The second sander comes up…. It sells for $600 (more than either of us cheap bastards want to pay). At this point I tell Barry that I’m out. (neglecting to tell him that I have a proxy bid on the remaining sander). I watch the thing close at $101.

Barry calls me back a few minutes later to tell me that he got the last sander. I had to tell him that he paid $50 more than he needed to. Isn’t that the way it always goes?

Other than the complete bust on the sanders, this was a really good sale. I picked up a nice Bursgreen table saw for $200. It even had a Holz three wheel feeder on it. I also managed to get an SCMI T110 Shaper for $100. A late model Moak Shaper for $250. A Monarch Unipoint for $450. And finally a very old Ingersol compressor for $25.

The prices were better on the first day. As an example, Flamable storage cabinets were selling for $75 each on day one. On day two, they were fetching $275. There was even a nice Hyster forklift that sold for $850. And finally, there were a bunch of Moak and Beach shapers that sold for less than $125 on day one.

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