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I’m starting to experiment with pushing content from the Blackberry. The WordPress BB app is very basic, but really easy to use. The picture below was taken with the blackberry. Much better quality than I expected. I’m hoping to get alot more use out of this and should be able to update the site alot more frequently. After spending the better part of the last two days upgrading this site, I decided I better take the time to pull some firewood together. It’s been a very mild winter with almost no snow and temperatures reaching 50 degrees a few days a week. I was still getting by with firewood from last season (hoping to have enough to get through this month). It turned markedly colder this week and is actually begining to feel like February in New Jersey (we didn’t break freezing today; hopefully not a sign of things to come). I managed to scrape enough wood together to keep us going for another week. It looks like we’ll be back up to 50 degrees again by the end of the week.

My little JD 790

The owwm

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