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Work:IT Manager in the Insurance Industry

Fun: Filling out my “Whitney Jointer” collection

Because I Can: Buying, bartering, begging, selling, rebuilding, stacking, hoarding old machines and tools.



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Located In Somerset, New Jersey

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  1. Ted Senn says:

    My 1939 vintage 110 Volt Unisaw is very slow starting and getting up to speed. I am looking for repair suggestions and parts availablity. Any help?


    Thanks for leaving the comment. Since this is a single phase motor, I would suggest that you check a few items. First, take the belt off the motor. Make sure the motor spins freeley. Also check the saw arbor. It should also spin free. If there is any drag on either one, you likely have bearing issues. If there is no drag, it’s probably an issue with the motor. I’d check the start capacitor first. It’s in the metal cover (hump) on the side of the motor. The start cap gives the motor a surge of current to get it spinning. If the cap is weak, it’ll start slow or not at all. If it’s not the cap, then I’d suggest you have the windings tested at a motor shop. One last item. Check your power cord. If you’re using a cord that is too small, it’ll heat up when starting. I wouldn’t use any long extension cords, etc to run this. Get it as close to the power source as possible. I hope this is helpful.


    • Greg says:

      Great advice – but be super careful when handling the start capacitor! They can seriously injure you if you touch the wrong part…

  2. Christoph says:

    Hello AF;

    I’m a proud owner of a Wadkin RU myself, and I’m trying to set up a list of owners / machine locations fro sharing experience. For example, I’m going to have some clamp plates cast, and maybe someone is looking for spare parts. Alaso, I’d like to collect photos of the remaining machines.

    Do you know about any surviving RUH, too?

    Thank you, and BR,


    • The owwm says:

      Thanks for the comment. Where are you located? I also track the whereabouts of these fine machines. I’ve been making spares/replacements for Wadkin machines for some time now. The latest is my quadrant project. Let me know what parts you’re thinking of. I may be able to help. I do know where RUH # 412 is. I’ve got a bunch of photos of the machine. It’s nowhere near as pretty as the RU, but a very interesting piece.


      • Christoph says:

        Oops, just found your reply. Thought I’d get an e-mail…

        I’m located near Ulm, Germany (Christoph Bromberger, Leubeweg 85, 89134 Blaustein, GERMANY). If you are interested, I’d send photos of the lathe (it is in a pretty good condition again, and original besides one grease nipple, and the base plates fixing the tool rest holders, which I’m missing. Maybe I will have to have them cast, maybe I’ll simply mill something. I also did replace the electricla switch for safety reasons.). To send the photos, an e-mail adress would be handy!

        In case I have something cast, I’ll most probably get cast some tool rest holders, too, since I’ve sometimes heard they are missing. I got the straight a swell as the hooked one to use as forms for casting.

        What I’m lacking, too, is a three-jaw chuck, preferably with a replaceable base plate to make it fit the four different spindles on RS and RU.

        B.t.w., I should very much appreciate photos of, and maybe some experiences with, the RUH!

        With the v.b.r,


        • The owwm says:

          I’d enjoy seeing the photos. A three jaw chuck would be pretty easy to improvise. I’d suggest taking a a six inch metal working chuck and modifying the back plate to fit the lathe. The smaller american lathes like Atlas & Logan have relatively small mounting threads and through bore.. It would be easy to re-bore and thread. I believe I could do that on my Meuser 16″ metal lathe. Definitely worth a try. I have new parts cast for old machines all the time. We’ve got an Amish foundry not far from here. They’ll take on one-off jobs. Take a look at the quadrant project on the home page. My e-mail address is theowwm@yahoo.com



          • Christoph says:

            Hi Arthur,

            I’ve dropped you a mail with the photos on your yahoo-account.

            Do you think you’ll manage to rake up those RUH photographies somewehre and send them to my mail (given the owner allows for that)?

            Thank you and BR,


            PS: Those boxes below to get an email notification on replies are another grest thing about your web page!

  3. Dev Emch says:

    Hi Arthur… Had no idea your hoarding or pack ratting all the whitney 177 table saws. Listen you bad boy, if your interested in selling off one of your herd, please give me a email at devemch@gmail.com. I am looking for a new table saw and the whitney 177 looks like it may be just what I am looking for. Thanks.
    Dev Emch

  4. Bob Kloes says:

    Hello Arthur. I just got a northfield #4 with a sliding table. I need a few parts, didn’t know if you have anything or not. Just asking. Hope things are going well for you. bob

    • The owwm says:

      Let me know what parts you’re looking for. I just priced one of these new. Thirty five thousand.


  5. Bob Kloes says:

    I was just at the Northfield site. Mine is the small sliding table model. It looked like it was only 18,000$ or so. :>)
    I need the table locking knobs, T-nuts,quadrant and a splitter. I sent Northfield an email.
    I forgot, an arbor wrench and crank handle too. This is a wonderful piece. I so look forward to using it.
    Hope things are well Arthur. Wish you and family all good things my friend. Take care, bob

    • The owwm says:

      The smaller parts (locking knobs, t-nuts) can be purchased from McMaster Carr (http://www.mcmaster.com). The Quadrant is a different problem. I think your best bet would be to borrow one from another owner and make a pattern. I know that Eric Tuck has one. I’ve made new quadrants for Oliver, Wadkin and Tannewitz saws. It’s not too difficult once you have the pattern. Take a look at the article titled “No quadrant, no problem”. I’d be glad to help you out with this.


  6. Bob Kloes says:

    Thanks Arthur. I did read the article. Good stuff. Thanks for the tips. I was going to look at Reid Tool also. I think they have the knobs, I will let you know what I all find.

    Always enjoy your stuff. You make me wish I was closer. bob

  7. Rick says:

    HI I have an 26″ Crescent bandsaw that I am looking to sell. I was wondering if you would be interested or new anyone looking for something along these lines. I can send photos of the saw if you want. The saw works great its just we don’t use it anymore. I would like to sell it to someone that appreciates these old machines.


  8. marcello says:

    hello. do you have any wad kin quadrants for a pk saw available?

  9. Vanessa says:

    I have a possibly old table saw by Delta with an external electrical belt drive. It possibly has an aluminum tag. I think the serial number is BT6783 or BI6783 (a little hard to read). I am not able to find any kind of information on this piece of equipment. I was wondering if you can direct me as to where I can find specific details and possibly a value. I am looking to sell because I do not need or use it any longer. I do have pictures if you want them.

    • The owwm says:

      Your saw was manufactured between 1955 and 1957 (depending on whether the second letter is an I or a T). If you send me some pictures, I’ll be glad to ballpark the value for you. Send me an e-mail at theowwm@yahoo.com



  10. Hi Arthur, Wow do you ever have a colection of beautiful machinery. I have been a part time woodworker for a while and I am just starting to find old machinery very interesting, I have not done a resteration as of yet. That old PK from Canada I think I used it before if it is the same one it would have come from the Dome Mines the was also a big bandsaw. Where I am there is not to much big machinery around most of the mines are closed now. And when that PK was taking out of the mine I was not thinking about buying such huge machines for a home shop. The seller would have been a contractor who took the machine as part payment for some work he hads done at the mine and thought he could make a killing on the machines. I never worked for him because some of his checks were made out of rubber. Some day I wish I could afford to replace all mt oriental pieces of tin.


  11. dave tunnicliffe says:

    i’m interested in the wadkin mortiser, how can I speak to you directly, please reply as soon as possible as my requirement is immediate
    many thanks

  12. Zayd says:

    Hi, Arthur. Nice site and great info on all sort of machines… thanks for putting it all out there.

    Shoot me an email when you have a chance. I’ve finally found a PK that may become mine if the price is right. I had a couple of basic questions you can likely answer.



  13. dom says:

    just found yourWS poking around. what connection have you with the other OWWM?
    at first blush one would conclude they are one & the same. what is the proceedure to look for machinery on your WS? look forward to your response, Dom

  14. dom says:

    hello to the staff; what connection do you have with the other OWWM? they appear to be the same. what are the rules to post a request for machinery to buy? look forward to your reply,dom

  15. dom says:

    have been looking at your WS & appears well organized. we are looking for a Duro 6×48 belt sander for our school. might buy several. they were mfg in 40’s thru the 60’s.
    we also have some questions:

    what connection does your org have with owwm.org or owwm.com? the letters would suggest yours is one & the same.

    cannot remember if we registered with a UN & PW, did not write it down. if we did can you refresh us?

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