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Somebody stop me! Please!

Lately, I’ve been buying shapers like it’s nobody’s business (meaning I have no business owning this many shapers)  A few weeks ago, I received this little gem from the United Kingdom: It’s a very sweet little Sagar shaper with a Wadkin rolling table attachment and a very large set of box joint cutters on it. […]

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JAFSP (Just another shaper post)

  On a recent trip to England, this little spindle moulder caught my eye: I had been looking for a cheap shaper I could steal the fence from. I have a few European machines that are missing the split style fences that mount into the dovetailed slots on the table. As an example, this Pierre […]

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What’s wrong with this picture?

I found this Wadkin EP shaper on e-bay this morning. Interestingly, the table appears to have been rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise. This basically moves the operator position to the right side of the shaper. I’m trying to figure out why you’d do this. The shaper on the left is the machine in question. The […]

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